My Time Saving Tip For Following Recipes

My Time Saving Tip For Following Recipes

As I’ve said before I love cooking but at the same time it seems or feels like I never leave the kitchen. So to save time in the kitchen and to get moving on with other things that need to be done I’m trying something different.

It’s mainly in the area of how I prepare our dinners. I’m a huge fan of using recipes so I’m actually trying to heed the advice of how you are supposed to use a cookbook.

Probably a no brainer for most but what I am doing is making sure I have all the ingredients prepared and ready for when they are needed before I even start cooking.

See in the past I have been one to start the whole process without having everything ready. What ends up happening is that the preparation time ends up taking much longer because you end up needing a few things all at once. And if they’re not ready well then you are scrambling to get them together. Doing the ladder just ends up taking way longer than it really should.

So just make sure you are completely prepared to start cooking whether you are following a recipe or not. Have your your measurements set aside, vegetables chopped, pasta or rice cooked or cooking while you are preparing the main dish, make sure if you’re using meat that it is thawed and if you are baking/grilling make sure the oven/grill is turned on.

They seem like simple steps but they can help make things run a little smoother in the kitchen.

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Ideas Of Physical Activity For Kids

Ideas Of Physical Activity For Kids

Physical activity for kids is so important these days. With the never ending distraction of TV and games its easy to lose track of how much time is spent on these activities.

So how do you keep your kids active?

For us the majority of of our playtime is done outdoors getting some fresh air and playing in the sunshine.

Our activities vary anywhere from:

a simple bug hunt, playing tag, chase, swinging, watering, jumping on the trampoline

to: riding bikes, scooters and good old wagon rides with me doing the pulling.

Parks are a great pass time too and a great way to meet up with other families!

It’s a habit that needs to be started with them from the time they are little. Getting your kids moving means they are burning energy.

Getting active with your kids and playing with them helps so much. You’re not just asking them to go outside and play you are joining them.

What better time is there to spend with your kids than when they are laughing, playing and just having a good time? They love it because they’re spending time with their favorite people mom or dad!

As their role models kids need to see us being physically active too and not just the times we exercise or workout.

So the next time you hear “mom will you play with me?” get out there and get moving with them as much as you can! Go be a kid again!

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Learning Child Development

As parents I think that we are forever learning about child development and it all starts from the time we know that we are going to have a child. We get to see how very fast their development occurs within our very own bodies.

During this time of pregnancy these changes occur on a daily, weekly and on a monthly basis. The things that we do to our bodies and how we care for ourselves can greatly impact the health and development of a baby once they are born. These are really the first steps for us as parents to really start to understand child development. We want to do everything in our power to make sure they arrive healthy.

But learning such things about child development doesn’t stop there. We continually learn because the way our child is developing greatly influences the choices we make for them. For instance should you nurse or bottle feed, once weaned are you providing them with the proper nutrition, what safety devices you should use, how should you discipline, are they learning at a normal level, are they physically developing at a healthy rate.

These are just a few of the many things that you will continue to question throughout their whole childhood. But by educating yourself about child development than you are better prepared to make the decisions that are best for your child as these concerns arise.

We have many resources for learning child development. Ask any parent, sibling, other family member, friend or even people that don’t have kids and everyone will give you advice for the different stages of child development. There are other sources too. Your doctor is a great start, parenting groups or classes and of course the Internet and books.

However you decide to educate yourself I feel it is so important for us as parents to at least have an understanding of what developmental stage they might be going through. While we still may not have all the answers it can help us make the best choices so that they can continue to grow and thrive.

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Learn a New Way Of Eating With Suzanne Somers Diet Plan

I started following Suzanne Somers diet plan over seven years ago after reading two of her books; Suzanne Somers’ Eat, Cheat, and Melt the Fat Away and Suzanne Somers’ Eat Great, Lose Weight. These books were an eye opener for me on the way I thought I knew food. It is through her research that also opened my eyes to a new and healthier way of eating.

From this information I have adopted and changed several things in the way I prepare my families meals. Tips that I still use till this day. These are the books that have taught me that I can enjoy food while eating healthy and also maintain my weight.

What I fell in love with is that you are eating real food.It is the the whole concept of balancing your hormones that makes sense to me. Our bodies can be so off balance that they can’t process the food we eat because they are full of chemicals and other additives. By eliminating foods that don’t really belong in your diet your body can function the way it is supposed to. Many times we are blind to the fact that many foods aren’t good for us even though we might think they are the healthier choice.

The key is learning how different foods work together to fuel your body. Suzanne Somers diet plan teaches you that through food combining (eating food groups separately) you can eat and sill lose weight. The theory behind this is that proteins and carbohydrates digest differently. What happens is you satisfy your hunger without having to diet or count calories.

Over the years Suzanne Somers has created a series of several books that outlines the Suzanne Somers diet plan (also known as Somersizing). Through the process of two levels you will learn how to eat, lose weight and/or maintain your weight. While her new book, Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat After Forty, is targeted towards a specific age group I think the information and basic concepts of all her books are suitable for everyone. In both of her books; Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat After Forty and Suzanne Somers’ Slim and Sexy Forever: The Hormone Solution for Permanent Weight Loss and Optimal Living there is a third level and she suggests the use of supplements but over all Suzanne Somers shows you a new way of viewing food that is healthier and easy to follow.

Suzanne Somers’ will teach you how to lose weight by balancing hormones, detoxifying your life, and eating the right foods for your body. Start her custom diet.

Suzanne Somers

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Healthy Weight Loss Programs

You can be successful in your weight loss efforts by following healthy weight loss programs. I have never thought that extreme diets or the use of supplements is the answer. For one what happens when you stop taking them and secondly what side effects could they cause? If your weight gain has been over a period of time than it will also take some time to lose it as well.

Being successful with healthy weight loss programs and maintaining them means living a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition and exercise. For many of us this does mean making some changes in what we eat, how we prepare what we eat and how much activity we are getting.

I know there are many “fad diets” that offer quick results and these might seem like the easy answer. What happens after you have met your goals and you go back to your old habits or maybe you never quit them? You end up at that starting point all over again.

It is lifestyle changes that give you the long term results. Sure there are those things that we don’t want to give up or sacrifice. But when nothing is happening to get us to our fitness goals it might be time to make some of those changes.

After you start seeing the results then it makes you want to do more. For instance if you are having success just by eating better it might make you want to start exercising if it’s something your not doing. What you take in fuels your body but it also needs to be burned off. Again, the combination of healthy eating and regular exercise increases your success with healthy weight loss programs.

So where should you start with creating that healthy lifestyle? Mainly you need to learn what is good for your body and what your body does with the food you intake. This knowledge along with understanding how your body works makes you want to treat it right and take care of it.

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Fitness & Exercise Routines

When it comes to fitness and exercise many may automatically think about belonging to a gym. While having a gym membership does have it’s benefits such as trainers, classes and the whole experience of interacting with other people there are plenty of things that you can be doing on your own.

One of the least expensive and easiest ways to start a fitness or exercise routine is by walking, running,(which are all free) and biking. Covering some ground can become a favorite since you are outside enjoying the fresh air and the scenery.

If weather doesn’t permit there are plenty of indoor exercises that can be done as well. If you’ve got the room for and can afford exercise equipment (I’ve always been able to find bargain deals) these are great tools to help keep you moving.

Jillian Michaels Review

Then another one of my favorites is the world of fitness DVD’s. With selecting just a few you have access to anything from Yoga, Palates, Cardio, Weight Training, Kick Boxing the list goes on but you can do it all in the comfort of your home.

This is helpful especially if your learning how to perform certain exercises or if you don’t have the best coordination. By finding and following a few instructors you will never get bored with your workout routine! I have been following a few of the same instructors for some time now. As they modify or create new workouts I’ll purchase them because I already know that they work well for me and I’m going to get the results I want.

Personally, I’ve been working out from home for about ten years and as a stay at home parent following an at home fitness routine works perfectly for me. If I’ve only got thirty minutes I know I can do an effective workout again from the comfort of home.

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Jackie Warner Review

When I spoke previously of a no nonsense trainers Jackie Warner is one of my favorites. This workout is a circuit training routine and one that you feel the effects of for a few days after you have done the work. I like this routine because the moves are simple and very easy to follow along. If your a beginner you don’t have to use weights but if you want more of a challenge you add heavier weights as your fitness improves.

In this forty minute workout Jackie Warner targets all of your main muscle groups but at the same time it’s not overwhelming. By using short intervules within each circuit you are moving on to the next exercise before you know it. This workout flows very well and you don’t feel like you are struggling or trying to keep up. While she keeps a good pace she also tells you which muscle group and the exercises you will be working on and preforming prior to starting each circuit.

Again, the moves are simple but effective. As most trainers Jackie Warner focuses on form and preforming the exercises correctly not only to prevent injury but to also to get the most benefit from the exercise itself. I am surprised that each time I do this workout I pick up on something new about how an exercise should be performed.

While I don’t do this workout daily it is one of my favorites for incorporating weight training into my over all fitness routine. I feel that I’m at a pretty good fitness level and I am continually surprised at how sore my muscles are after this workout. Personally, feeling the effects of your workout prove that it is doing what it is supposed to.

Get your copy of Jackie Warners: Power Circuit Training for an effective at home workout!

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At Home Fitness Trainers and Programs

You will see that I have quite a variety of trainers and programs in my personal collection of fitness routines that I follow. No I didn’t go out and purchase them all at once. It has been over time and as I feel that I need to add something to my routine or I’m curious about a particular workout then I get what I need. Mainly I continue to stick with some of the original workouts I started with.

This is one of the things that I love about at home fitness programs is you can tailor your workouts not only to your liking but to your schedule too. There have only been a couple that I have been disappointed in but the trainers and programs that I choose to follow have created workouts that you can accomplish in thirty to forty minutes. Personally, I feel this helps in squeezing in some type of exercise during some point of the day and more than once a week. Many doctors even agree that you should do a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise daily!

Jillian Michaels Review

As I write this I have found that I have become partial to the trainers that I have chosen to follow. I say this because I can FEEL the results of the workout and other people will commit that I must be doing something. These trainers don’t mess around and get to the point with their workout routines. They are no nonsense and although they may be short workouts you can definitely feel that you have accomplished something. I have always felt that if you didn’t break a sweat than it wasn’t a good workout. I like a challenge but at the same time if you can’t perform an exercise you are not going to get the results you are after and most likely you won’t continue to follow that routine.

Jackie Warner Review

I love cardio so I alternate between using a treadmill and doing a few at home fitness programs. I follow these trainers and programs because they have combined a cardio workout with weights. I agree that by using the combination of the two (regular cardio & weights) you are going to get and see the results faster. Also, by mixing your workouts up a bit it not only challenges your body but it helps you keep from getting bored with your exercise routine. Sometimes boredom alone can be the main reason why you don’t stick with a routine.
Another thing that I have noticed about most of these trainers, is that with many of the offers you get multiple workouts. They give you a variety of exercises to choose from depending on what you feel like accomplishing for the day.

I quit going to the gym years ago and have had great success with at home fitness routines. My hope is that you too will have the same success!

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Jillian Michaels Review

Jillian MichaelsWhen I said before that I have become partial to a few at home fitness trainers, Jillian Michaels is one of them. She has become one of my favorites! I know that she has several workouts available but since I tend to stick to more of a thirty minute workout over an hour long one, there are a few of her routines that are perfect for me. What I like about Jillian Michaels is she knows that she has to deliver a workout that is worth your while in a short amount of time. With her routines you can feel the results in the days that follow.

Jillian Michaels has created such a variety with her workouts that keeping you challenged isn’t hard. So below I’m going to review her workouts that I personally follow from what I think could be a beginner level to a more advanced workout routine. With any of the workouts listed below you will always have a trainer to follow at a beginners level. As always by adding or increasing your weights you use you will have more of a challenge throughout your workout. Jillian Michaels has developed her workouts with the use of circuit training. Meaning you will move through a couple of repetitions of the same exercise which really targets and helps you focus on the area she wants you to be working on.

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred-This DVD has three different twenty-minute workouts which are categorized by levels 1-3. In these workouts you preform both cardio and strength training. While doing the strength training you are combining different exercises together to so that you are targeting as many muscles as possible in a short amount of time. Although, these are shorter workouts Jillian Michaels makes sure you are moving through out the whole routine. These workouts can be easily performed even if you are just beginning with a fitness routine. Also, by having a variety of what you can do helps prevent you from getting bored and you are also continually challenging your body as you move through the levels.

Jillian Michaels-No More Trouble Zones -A 4o minute workout with the use of light weights. Many of the exercises in this workout combine both lower and upper body strength training moves that are preformed simultaneously in Jillian Michaels signature circuit training style. Although, the majority of the exercises are basic there are a quite a few moves that are a bit challenging to preform. While I feel that a beginner could follow this routine it is also something that I would work up to. Jillian Michaels flows through these series of exercises while targeting all of your muscles. This workout is a challenge but delivers what the what the title suggests in targeting any trouble areas.

Jillian Michaels-Banish Fat Boost Metabolism-Also a 40 minute workout routine and all you need is a mat! Don’t let this deceive you though. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one but you are using your own body as resistance throughout this cardio routine. There are some moves that are tough to get through but it definitely makes you push yourself! This is one that I would work up to as your fitness improves because this one is pretty challenging. I love this one but personally I feel that if you are a beginner there are some exercises that may make you feel like you can’t complete them.

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Trying To Lose A Few Pounds-Its Time To Identify Your Diet Weaknesses

Sometimes it seems that when you are trying to lose a few pounds that these are the ones that just don’t want to come off. Weather you have reached your goal weight and the pounds have crept back or you are almost to your desired weight it can be very frustrating to see the scale not moving in the direction you want it to go.

Recently this is something I have experienced myself. After having a medical issue I gained a few pounds. Not so much that anyone else would notice but my clothes were not fitting as comfortable and I just felt that I needed to lose a few pounds.

Now I consider myself pretty healthy. Healthier than some people but at the same time maybe not as much as the next person. But I do eat healthy and exercise regularly. I felt that it should take me no time at all to lose the pounds I wanted too. So I stuck to my exercise routines and continued to eat healthy.

The first week the scale did not budge. I figured that yes it had taken time to put on the weight and yes it will take time to lose a few pounds as well. By the second week when the scale was still telling me the same number I decided to add an extra workout or to during the week if I had the time to squeeze them in. I am fully aware that in order to lose weight you need to be burning more than you consume.

When the third week rolled around and there was still no activity in my favor as far as the scale goes, I decided I needed to write down what I was eating. Not necessarily to count calories but to really know what I was consuming. My thoughts were that the amount of food I was eating was just maintaining the weight I had gained. I figured that I was missing something that was making it hard for me to lose a few pounds.

Now if you are following any type of diet or you keep up to date on your personal health and fitness than you also know that there are some things that you should be doing or avoiding to lose weight and continue to stay healthy. I also think that as time goes on you become a little relaxed in the steps that you have taken to get you this far. So personally I decided I had to re-evaluate what I was doing and figure out my own diet weaknesses so I could lose just a few pounds.

Everyone has their own diet weaknesses so mine are different from the next persons. But at-least in sharing them, others can identify their own diet weaknesses which will help them either maintain their healthy weight or continue on with their fitness and weight loss goals.

This is my personal list of what I feel are my diet weaknesses:
• Not drinking enough water.
• Eating too much-I really do enjoy good food.
• Drinking one too many cocktails at cocktail hour.
• Eating/Drinking too late into the evening.
• Using a workout as an excuse to splurge on a way too regular basis.

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